Woodstock Marketing is dedicated to providing high quality products, on time and at a very reasonable cost. We specialize in drop shipments. Order tracking information is always available. Chairs are in stock in Oakland, California  and Bethel, Connecticut.
With over 40 years of experience, quality and service are always our most important product.
Woodstock markets products to furniture dealers and dot.com companies.
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Woodstock Marketing PO Box 5711 Williamsburg, VA 23188 
Ph. 866 574 3183 Fax 203 304 2548  info@woodstockmarketing.com
Woodstock Marketing

Blue Dye from Jeans will transfer to White Leather. Real Leather is porous and it is very hard to remove the dye from the leather. This is a problem with all manufacture's white leather products, not just Woodstock chairs. White leather turning blue is not a warranty item.
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