Steps to take when your order arrives

Woodstock Marketing Dealer's Responsibility

It is the dealer's and/or their installer's responsibility before opening a carton to verify that the item received is the item that was ordered.

In the event that the wrong item is received, Woodstock Marketing will immediately ship out a no charge replacement and arrange for a pickup of the unopened carton.

If when the dealer/installer opens a carton and the wrong item is in the carton, they are to immediately call Woodstock Marketing Customer Service for a replacement. If they assemble the wrong items, Woodstock Marketing will not issue credit or pay any related installation fees to correct.

When opening the carton, the dealer/installer must be careful if using a knife. Cuts in upholstery caused by carton knives are not a warranty item.

If a carton arrives damaged, the damage must be noted on the receiving document. If signed for in good condition, there can be no warranty claim.