Woodstock Warranty for Chairs purchased after December 1, 2018

  1. Woodstock assures total customer satisfaction
  2. Woodstock warrants to the original purchaser all components for a period of 10 years with the exception of upholstery and foam which is warranted for 3 years. the warranty covers normal use. Material that is damaged on site by cutting or hitting an object is excluded.
  3. Woodstock warrants to the original purchaser that all parts will be free from material defects. Woodstock will repair or replace, at its option, any unaltered components.
  4. Warranty is limited to a 40 hour week and a 300 pound weight limit.
  5. Warranty is limited to replacement or repair and does not cover cost of dealer transportation or labor.
  6. There are no other warranties expressed or implied other than those specifically described.
  7. Woodstock shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages from any product defect.
  8. Warranty does not cover chairs getting dirty or stained.
  9. Blue Dye from Jeans will transfer to White Leather. Real Leather is porous and it is very hard to remove the dye from the leather. This is a problem with all manufacture's White Leather products, not just Woodstock chairs. White leather turning blue is not a warranty item.

For chairs purchased prior to December 1, 2018 please refer to the 2017 Pricelist for warranty.


We ship all orders within 48 hours (2 working days) providing:

  1. Customer is cleared for credit approval
  2. Orders are received during normal business hours 9AM - 5PM EST. Monday - Friday excluding holidays.
  3. Chairs are in stock at the time of order.

Non-shipment due to acts of God are not covered under this guarantee.

Please note that although our shipment method includes UPS, your order will be shipped via the best determined method based on time and quantity.

Terms of Sale

  1. Terms after credit approval: Net 30 days. We also accept VISA and MasterCard for payment.
  2. We offer a delivered price or a FOB our warehouse price.
  3. Orders normally ship within 48 hours (2 working days)
  4. We have a 24 hr. customer service Hot Line set up to answer your or your customer's questions about product, assemble or warranty concerns. Phone number 866-574-3183
  5. We do not acknowledge stock orders as they ship too fast. As soon as the shipment has left our warehouse, we invoice you.
  6. We have 2 shipping points, Bethel, CT and Oakland, California. We will try to ship from the closest location. Chairs should arrive 2 days after shipment. We generally ship UPS Ground or LTL.
  7. We do not charge extra for drop shipments.
  8. Any shipment outside the lower 48 states requires prior approval.
  9. Our price list covers the lower 48 states. For shipments to Alaska or Hawaii please contact us for additional costs.
  10. Changes or order cancellations cannot be accepted after the order has shipped.
  11. Return of product requires first that you get a Return Authorization from us:
      Chair must be:
    • In the original carton.
    • Chair must be packed so there is no damage. Chair and carton will be inspected.
    • You are responsible for freight both ways.
    • We have a 25% restocking charge.
  12. Warranty Claims: See Warranty Section for Details
    • We will do whatever is necessary to make the chair perfect
    • We will either replace the broken part or send a new chair, whichever we determine to be the best way to make the chair perfect.
    • We will provide the part or new chairs without cost to the dealer.
    • We do not pay for labor.
  13. Our chairs have a 250 pound weight limit.


Woodstock Marketing LLC is not affiliated with any other US furniture manufacturer. All Woodstock products are contemporary products that have been expressly designed by and for Woodstock. Woodstock Marketing LLC is not connected in any way with the Woodstock Music Festival or any of the performers from the festival.