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  2. $10 Spiffs on all chairs and tables, beginning April 15th, 2021, when your full name is noted on the purchase order as Spiff payable to: "Spiff payable to:" and you are already registered as a Platinum Club member, before the purchase order is submitted to Woodstock. No full name noted as "Spiff payable to:" on purchase order for an eligible Spiff will result in no Spiff will be paid. Name of sales person noted on purchase order does not count as Spiff notification to Woodstock. No Spiffs for parts. For the Jefferson series, one seat and back is considered one seating unit eligible for $10 Spiff. Spiffs are for dealer salesperson/AE designer-specifier and not for Dealership. Spiffs are paid monthly, after the invoice for the purchase order is paid in full. Contact your Woodstock Rep to verify your enrollment.
  3. Special Promotions for free items
  4. Early look at new product releases
  5. Direct mailing of Woodstock logo swag
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